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June 18, 2012 / Live the Lux

Summer bookage!

I have never once written fan mail to an author but Jen Lancaster makes me want to whip out the scented stationary and dot all my i’s with hearts because I have such a big fat girl crush on her and her books.

Her latest memoir, Jeneration X, chronicles her journey to “adulthood” or something like it.  Now dealing with things like mortgage and life insurance, she sure is a long way from sitting in the dark due to shutoffs as in Bitter is the New Black.

While being entirely girly to the core… I have low tolerance for schmoopiness and that’s what makes me relate to Jen’s no nonsense (I’ve heard her described as “snarky” more than once) style of writing.  She pushes the line more than once but is unapologetic and I can always get on board with someone who is so thoroughly themselves that they don’t feel the need to add “no offense”.  However, in Jeneration X when she starts talking about her dog, Maisy’s battle with cancer, I have to admit, even my little heart melted a tad.

She’s not for everyone but hey, neither is crack.  I’d like her to go all James Patterson and churn out  a novel a month because I don’t think I could ever tire of her over the top stories.  In the meantime, you can find her blog at

Jeneration X

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